As your girlfriend, I will make it my duty to turn you on at the most inappropriate of times.


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I’m so tired of tumblr and all it’s white against black shit that’s going on right now. There’s always and forever going to be injustice againsAfrican Americans in America. We, as people, should be more mindful of what we put out there in the world. There are some African Americans that do outrageous things and we get all mad because the media broadcasts it. Granted, there are plenty of African Americans that do wonderful things for the community but a light isn’t shone on what they do, but what do you expect when not many African Americans are worried about stopping the racism that we have against eachother? WE, as a people are more racist against ourselves then the whites. There’s a constant battle about who looks better, dark skin or light skin. If we can’t respect each other, why the fuck should anybody else respect us! I mean, yes the system is fucked when it comes to us colored folk but we can’t blame everything on the “white people” and not all white people are the same. Everybody is different, the reason racists act the way they act is because that’s how they were brought up. My grandmother was not fond of white people at all but she taught me that you should respect all people despite how they may or may not treat you. She was a total racist against whites but there she was teaching my siblings and I to be respectful to all people. She could’ve taught me to be racist against white people but she didn’t and I’m glad she didn’t because many of my friends are white or mixed with white and they aren’t racist and often stick up for me when I’m put in a situation where I feel uncomfortable because someone may say something about me being black. I just think we need to focus on bettering ourselves before we jump on the next man ..